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Blog Posts by mediacraig

Here are blogged musings from our volunteers. Depending on how you access this collection, it will include posts about a specific site or about general issues. Click on the title bar of a post in order to open it up.

Mt. Sutro: April 5th Volunteer Day Recap [Mt Sutro]

09 April 2008 - 16:38, mediacraig said:

Last Saturday’s Mt. Sutro volunteers were treated to sunshine and fine weather as they turned out to perform habitat and trail work at the Rotary Meadow on top of Mt. Sutro. The large group of 38 volunteers accompanied the Mt. Sutro Stewards on a hike to the summit where the party split into two groups to focus on habitat work or trail construction.

Habitat Work: The Mt. Sutro Stewards Habitat Crew led by Jake Sigg (CA Native Plant Society), Peter Brastow (Nature In The City), Rob Bakewell (GG Park Oak Woodlands) and Aaron Thies worked with volunteers to remove invasive weeds from the swale in the lower section of Rotary Meadow. In all, enough weeds were removed to fill several pickup trucks providing another boost to the native plants in that area. The volunteers discovered that this is the best time of the year to spend a morning on the summit of Mt. Sutro as the plants bloom and the insects and birds return.

Trail Work: The Mt. Sutro Stewards Trail Crew led by Dan Schneider, Bob Siegel, Chris Brownfield and myself, begin work on a new upper North Ridge trail connector to the Summit. We accomplished the first phase of the rerouting around the previously steep sections to improve safety during wet conditions. This short but ambitious section of trail improvement will continue on May 3rd where we will finish the upper half that was roughed in and proceed into the lower section.

After a morning of hard work the volunteers were treated to food provided by UCSF and homemade beverages donated by Stewards Dan Schneider and Craig Dawson.

See more photos from Saturday (courtesy Charlotte Evans of One Brick).

Come out and join us on Saturday May 3rd!

Craig Dawson Mt. Sutro Stewards

(415) 665-1077


2009-11-28 08:59:33 -0800, SaveSutro said:

Unfortunately, while some of the Mt Sutro Stewards’ work is laudable, some of it is destructive of the forest and its habitat. For more information, see

And for the general problem, see:

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Saturday March 1 Special Activity [Mt Sutro]

27 February 2008 - 10:21, mediacraig said:

On Saturday March 1st the Mt. Sutro Stewards will provide both habitat and trail activities.

Our trail crew will uncover another recent discovery, a hidden section of the Historic Trail.


2008-03-07 08:56:08 -0800, mediacraig said:

On Staurday March 1, the Mt. Sutro Stewards and volunteers worked to remove ivy, blackberry and other invasive weeds from the Rotary Garden on the summit. Continued progress to clear the reed grass colony was led by Peter Brastow from Nature in the City. Jake Sigg was on hand and continued his replanting of the Outcrop Demonstration Area at the south end of the Historic Trail.

Our trail crew led by Ben Pease and Dan Schneider worked to uncover a new 200 foot stretch of the Historic Trail recently discovered on the south ridge. This section will be incorporated into the still evolving trail network sometime in the near future.

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