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Bayview Hill Description

Bayview Hill is one of the largest of San Francisco’s Significant Natural Resource Areas, and it contains the most diverse habitats remaining in the City. Located just above Candlestick Park above the western shore of the Bay, Bayview forms a similar-sized bookend to Mt Davidson to its west.

Managed by the Natural Areas Program of the Rec&Park Department, Bayview Hill gets regular attention from two volunteer groups — San Francisco for Democracy and the Yerba Buena Chapter of the California Native Plant Society. So far there are no regular nearby neighborhood groups that work at Bayview Hill, but we hope that will one day change.

Bayview Hill has wonderful areas of coastal scrub, oak groves, and the largest population rare Islais cherry trees around.

The principle management challenges at Bayview Hill include controlling French broom, fennel, radish, and ehrharta grass. Here is the management plan.

Bayview Hill currently has 32 volunteers who have subscribed to our regular email newsletters and work at this site. They have posted 38 photos and 6 posts to their blog.

Regular Workparty Schedule

  • 2nd Saturday, every odd-numbered month from 9:00 to 12:00

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Blog Posts

Here are blog posts about the Bayview Hill project — presented 2 at a time in reverse chronological order. Browse to earlier or later posts via the pagination controls below.

July 11, 2009

15 July 2009 - 21:37, Alane said:

A summer day on a sunny hill in San Francisco…

The grasses on Bayview Hill are golden this time of year and ripple with every passing breeze. The hill is a beautiful setting for collecting seeds from native plants, which is how we spent our morning.

Learning to identify the plants after most of their leaves and flowers have dried was challenging but fascinating. We were lucky to find almost all of the seeds the Natural Areas Program was looking for, including Bee plant (Scrophularia californica), Ithuriel’s Spear (Triteleia laxa), Coast onion (Allium dichlamydeum), Coast buckwheat (Eriogonum latifolium), Deerweed (Lotus scoparius), and Blue-eyed grass (Sisyrinchium bellum), among several others. We’re hoping if we do this long enough, we’ll be able to identify our San Francisco native plants from seedlings through leaves and flowers and back to seeds.

There is something in every season to inspire a sense of wonder on Bayview Hill. Come on up to see for yourself.


2009-08-30 10:44:45 -0700, Chuck said:

Can anybody here tell me how to get a hold of a natural areas representative concerning a project in Mclaren Park???

2009-08-30 15:17:59 -0700, Alane said:

Hi Chuck,
Click McLaren Park link under Sites in the upper righthand box on this page. Leave a message there and someone who can help will get back to you. Or you can call NAP at 753-7268.

2009-09-15 15:19:20 -0700, Suzanna said:

I just wanted to let everyone know about our Natural Areas and Volunteer Program Open House BBQ on 10/17 from 1-4 pm at 811 Stanyan Street. All are welcome. To RSVP or see additional information go to:


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Seeding, weeding, and ...

11 November 2008 - 18:09, Alane said:

On Saturday, November 8th, three Natural Areas gardeners and eight volunteers spent a beautiful morning on the Hill. We spread an eclectic mix of seeds collected on the Hill over the summer on bare spots on the mesa and nearby hillside, which should produce even more native plants this spring.

There is a lot of new damage on the hillsides due to illegal dirt-biking, which is fun for the perpetrators but extremely destructive to the park’s plants and, consequently, to the animals who depend on those plants for food and shelter. To discourage this activity, we piled eucalyptus saplings across the illicit trails.

We ended by pulling French broom, mostly before it went to seed. The ground was soft from the rains the week before, so we got a lot done in a short time.

It was another beautiful day on the Hill; the air was very fresh and clean. As we walked down to Key Avenue, a light rain began to fall. Perfect.


2009-02-11 19:03:57 -0800, rcbakewell said:

Thanks for your work on Bayview Hill – i have yet to visit and later this spring I will !
Rob Bakewell

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