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Oak Woodlands Description

The Oak Woodlands in Golden Gate Park are the remnants of the only “forested” area originally within the 49 square miles of San Francisco. These coastal live oaks grow in sheltered ravine areas and, remarkably, were left intact when Golden Gate Park was created by removing all the native dune plant communities and planting non-native grasses and ornamental plants.

The chief management challenges in this project include coping with the dominant understory weeds — English ivy, cape ivy, blackberry, and ehrharta grass. The other problem that the Oak Woodlands project faces to a greater degree than any other remnant natural area in the City is the ever-present contingent of homeless and their encampments. Here is the management plan.

Through strong volunteer leadership, the Oak Woodlands project has enjoyed one of the most rapidly-increasing rosters of new volunteers. These folks have made huge gains in recovery of the biological diversity of this remarkable area.

Oak Woodlands currently has 90 volunteers who have subscribed to our regular email newsletters and work at this site. They have posted 114 photos and 26 posts to their blog.

Regular Workparty Schedule

  • 2nd Saturday of each month from 10:00 to 12:00

Regular Meeting Location

Blog Posts

Here are blog posts about the Oak Woodlands project — presented 2 at a time in reverse chronological order. Browse to earlier or later posts via the pagination controls below.

Oak Woodlands 2014 !

08 May 2014 - 13:04, rcbakewell said:

Hi All,

During the past several months the SFRPD Natural Areas Program and ’ friends of Oak woodlands GG Park’ have continued to make improvements on the restoration site known as Arguello Rise , just inside the Arguello Blvd and Fulton entrance to GG Park and on the east side of Coon Hollow.

This spring featured lots of flowering shrubs on Arguello Rise , evidence of our success in the reintroduction of an attractive bio-diverse border of native shrubs.

We are pleased to note that all the recent volunteer work during the past 2 years to establish new trail routes on McLaren Heights and in the ’ Pygmy Forest ’will be followed up in 2015 by SFRPD contract work to finish the Oak woodlands Nature Trail, extending from near McLaren Lodge to 6th and Fulton.

We invite you to join us for our 2nd Saturday of the month volunteer work parties during which we work to steward our restoration sites, improve habitat and conserve our City’s signature indigenous and historic coast live oak woodlands.

The Woodlands feature landscapes and aesthetic experiences that are relatively rare in our densely populated City , and those who visit for the first time are usually amazed by this ’ hidden ’ jewel in northeast GG Park.

Please call or email us at 415-710-9617 or <> for information or tours.

Rob Bakewell
Friends of Oak Woodlands GG Park
SF Parks Alliance Park partner


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Aug 4-5 2012 Oak Woodlands Nature Trail Event

30 August 2012 - 21:32, rcbakewell said:

This event was a smashing success … 20 volunteers over two days built 0.3 miles of trail … the new McLaren Hts section and the Fuchsia Hts. section.
Thanks of course to all the staff of the Natural Areas Program, V-O-Cal and Director Cathy Moyer and Friends of the Oak Woodlands Golden Gate Park.
Also thanks to REI and Alaskan Beer!
The V-O-Cal work leaders were great , broke down the volunteers into smaller groups for specific section projects.
About 40 people camped overnite at Fuchsia Dell and we all enjoyed the hot meals prepared by arrangement of V-O-Cal staff.
Excellent food BTW .. including hors d’oeuvres , a choice of two entrees and dessert .. ice cream, chocolate wafers and caramelized peaches.
So come on over to the Woodlands and check out the results.
Soon, the Park Bond 2008 funded work will begin on the Nature Trail.. which wends its way thru the Coast Live Oak Woodlands for about a mile from JFK / Conservatory Dr. to 6th and Fulton.

BTW , the regular work party on August 13 followed up with excellent habitat work in the Woodland grove just west of the Ghirardelli Pinic Shelter.

The Next work party on Sep 8 takes place at the GG Park Nursery.

Rob B


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