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Oak Woodlands at GG P Volunteer Fair FEB 10 2010

Uploaded by rcbakewell on 11 February 2010 - 08:39.
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Oak Woodlands Volunteers hosted the Oak Woodlands table at the GG Park Volunteer Fair held at the Conservatory of Flowers on Feb 10 2010.
Rob Bakewell, Peter Zepponi, Mariah Gasparrini, J. Fred Decker and John Micklewright prepared and presented.
We distributed Oak Woodlands Volunteers mission statements and Oak Woodlands Natural Area brochures prepared by SFRPD Natural Areas Program , had a digital slide show, showed the Oak Woodlands Volunteer archives and led a short tour to Coon Hollow in the Oak Woodlands.
Peter Zepponi is founder of the SF HORSESHOE PITCHERS ASSOCIATION who along with the ’ GUARDSMEN’ are playing a key role in redeveloping the historic Horseshoe Arena in the east region of Oak Woodlands and are key to the success of this movement to restore and steward the northeast region of Golden Gate Park.


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