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CNPS Workparty Feb 2008

14 February 2008 - 10:08, Tinman said

We had a gorgeous day to work the rich grasslands on the south and southeast flanks of McLaren park:

The buckwheat and Johnny jumpups were particularly spectacular:

and the footsteps-of-spring were just appearing.

The main challenge today were the invasive English plantain (on the left, with buckwheat on the right):

and the hairy dandelion (here in isolation, but these guys will pack together to form a dense shag carpet of despair):

We came, we saw, we conquered!


2008-06-13 21:24:43 -0700, Redwoods said:

McLaren Park / Bernt’s Knoll has a great deal of potential it has beautiful views it is a great refuge, but it needs some volunteers to help with its maintenance.

2009-02-11 19:06:09 -0800, rcbakewell said:

Its Feb 09 and Footsteps of Spring are about – come on over and check them out.
Rob Bakewell

2009-08-30 22:26:16 -0700, Chuck said:

Hi this is Chuck Farrugia from Help McLaren Park. Our group has organized a clean up work day and BBQ at Louis Sutter pond and playground on Sept 26th from 10 to 2 and I was wondering if you had a representative you would like to send to educate our volunteers/gardeners/children? I have met with RPD (Kristin) as well as McLaren Park gardeners concerning the project but I still have a few unanswered question I think you guys can help me with. Care to meet before the event? Please sent me an email at
Chuck Farrugia

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