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Oak Woodlands FEBRUARY 2012

17 February 2012 - 20:47, rcbakewell said

Howdy All,
The last 3 work parties have exceeded expectations – each one more than 15 participants.
We have planted roughly 250 native shrubs at 3 restoration sites , including Lick Hill and North Horseshoe Courts and Arguello Rise.
Slope stabilization is critical above the Courts and a fine variety of shrubs such as Coyote Bush, Ceanothus, Coffee Berry , Lizard Tail, Heather, Buckwheat and a scattering of native wildflowers is building great habitat.

Arguello Rise ( east Coon Hollow ) is filling in with an equally fine variety of native shrubs – we’re looking for fine color and texture to welcome visitors walking the planned Oak Woodlands Trail into Coon Hollow.


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